Pacific Sun
Tournament Director   Debra Horns 
Asst. Tournament Director   Dee Hall 
Parliamentarian   Beth Olsen 
Secretary   Nancy Richter 
Treasurer   Sheryl Franke 
Div. Captain (B1)   Sonia Bishop 
Div. Captain (B2)   Carol Behm 
Div. Captain (B3)   Deborah Todd 
Div. Captain (C1)   Sue Littman 
Div. Captain (C2)   Lisa Lee 
Div. Captain (C3)   Vicki Mingus 
Div. Captain (D1)   Monica Haupt 
Div. Captain (D2)   Suzie Nordeman 
Div. Captain (D3)   Leigh Carman 
Div. Captain (SR1)   Kathy Moore 
Div. Captain (SR2)   Sue Chen-Wong, DC 
Div. Captain (SR3)   Kari Williamson 
Luncheon Chairperson   Nancy Beesley 
Internet Commissioner   Beth Ng 

About Us

     The Beginnings of a Tennis League Dynasty

A little over 40 years ago, Paddy Speyers, avid tennis player
and then Newport Beach tennis social director set out to form a
ladies inter-club competitive doubles tennis league. Club
managers and pros alike scoffed, saying that such an endeavor
required too much organization between clubs and an unrealistic
commitment from the women.
Undaunted, Paddy continued to shape her vision, create the
rules of play, broaden interest, and overcome court reservation
obstacles between clubs. Meanwhile, word of the league
dubbed Hill and Harbor -- spread like the proverbial wildfire and
on January 12, 1971, Paddy's dream became reality. Over 200
women from 10 clubs had signed up to play in a 'B' and 'C'
division. The format was simple: four teams of doubles play
each other in a best 2 out of 3 match each week. Winners of
each line get a point. Match play continued through mid-June
and culminated in an awards luncheon.
Just three months later, Paddy launched the second season
building on the success and excitement generated from the
inaugural season. Four additional clubs signed up and league
play began October 1971 and finished in June 1972.
By the third year of play, Hill and Harbor club participation
had grown to 18 clubs and over 500 women, and the league
directors needed to add a third division, the 'D' division. That
same year, the league introduced the Paddy Speyers Award, in
honor of the league's originator, to be given to the club with the
highest percentage of wins in all divisions.
Firmly established, Hill and Harbor continued to shape to the
needs of its members. By the fourth year, with 24 clubs
participating, Hill and Harbor directors had added an A division
and split the D division into D1 and D2. One year later, with 27
clubs participating, the 'B' and 'C' division expanded to B1, B2,
C1 and C2. In 1984, the league opened up a 50+ division, later
called Seniors.
Today, this league, now called Pacific Sun, hosts 27 clubs
and over 2,200 participants competing in 13 divisions.
The league's continued strength and success is a testimony
to the solid framework first established by Hill and Harbor
founder, Paddy Speyers. Her vision, followed by the commitment
of numerous volunteers that include team captains, board
members, and especially tournament directors, has helped create
a league that is incomparable anywhere in the nation.  

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