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We have established TWO deadlines for rosters to be submitted. The first deadline is a preliminary deadline that allows the Team Captain to see which players have signed their waivers. Until the roster is submitted, there is no visibility into waiver submissions. The second deadline is the absolute last day that a roster may be submitted for the first half. At this point, all waivers must be signed or the players will be removed from the rosters.

Preliminary Deadline: Wednesday, 8/28 at 5pm
Final Deadline: Wednesday, 9/4 at 5pm

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Order of Strength Guidelines (Beth Ng   May 25)

Regular Divisions

When a team needs to use a sub for a missing set position player/players, order of strength needs to be considered very carefully. Generally, if the set team below has a good match record, we would expect to see that team slide up and the remaining player from above slide down with the sub. It's also possible that the player missing her partner is very strong and that the sub is also considered very strong (past stats). In that case, there's nothing wrong with placing the sub in the line with the player missing her partner. We have this amazing website full of historical data on every player; use it to make informed decisions about order of strength when using subs. For that matter, use it to help determine when a ladder change is in order!! When all else fails, consult your Division Captain for assistance! "Failure to follow all rules of substitution may result in loss of points." (from handbook, page 22, para. 3.a.)

Senior Divisions

Generally, we would expect players rostered in higher regular divisions to play above those rostered in lower divisions. Sometimes, though, there are very strong players in line 1 or 2 of a lower division who are arguably more skilled than subs from a higher team. Use both regular division match results AND Senior Division match results (along with stats from the previous year, if necessary) to assist you. Remember, too, that you can combine players from various divisions (example: Line 1--a B1 and a B1, Line 2--B1 & B2, Line 3--B2 & B2, Line 4--B2 and B3). Check to see what line they play and review their match results. As noted above, our website contains a wealth of information to assist you; if you are fearful of "getting it wrong," consult with your Division Captain. "Failure to field in order of strength may result in loss of points." (from handbook, page 31, para.2.b.)

USE OF SUBSTITUTES (Nancy Richter   Sep 11)

Please read "Team Rules" carefully regarding the use of substitutes, particularly page 22, rule 3.b., "A player missing her "Set Partner" may drop down one line position with her substitute partner.  If both members of a Set Position are present, one of the members may move up to fill a vacancy; however, her Set Line partner must play in her regular Set Line position or higher."  When both players are present, neither may move down!!


To clarify the Board's intent relative to the placing/recording of challenges,  as noted in the rules the Senior partner of the defending team is the person to whom challenges are placed.  This eliminates the possibility that both players accept a challenge from different teams.  If a message is left for the senior partner, vocal contact is made when EITHER of the defending team partners returns the call, acknowledging receipt of the challenge.  The senior partner of the defending team does not have to be the person responding.   The challenge must be recorded on the challenge board within 24 hours of the "vocal contact."

KNOW AND ENFORCE THE RULES! (Nancy Richter   Sep 28)

It is every player's responsibility to know our league rules, and then to adhere to them during the match.  Please carry the handbook you were provided to every match so that you can refer to it if a rules question arises.  Remember that you cannot ask for assistance from anyone who is not involved in your match (other than to request a handbook or a copy of the USTA Code).  If your opponent arrives more than 10 minutes late, and you have followed the rules about being at the designated meeting area at the specified time, you have a right to take points in accordance with the late penalty system, but you must apply the penalty at the time it occurs.  If a situation arises which you believe to be in violation of the rules, you need to address the applicable rule with your opponents and request that the rule be followed.  If the opponent argues or disregards your concern, simply state that you are continuing the match "under protest."  Once the match has ended, you can decide whether to proceed with a protest.

CLUB HOPPING!! (Nancy Richter   May 17)

During the summer, league members are considering their playing options for the next season. Please remember that any player rostered on a team in 2018-19 that was moved down by the alignment process is not allowed to move to a different club to play at her previous level or higher for one year without the approval of the Tournament Director. However, a player may play at the previous level or higher within the same club if her club tennis director deems it appropriate.


Team Points Weeks
Cabrillo Tennis Center-B1 0 0/26
Coto de Caza-B1 0 0/26
Laguna Niguel1-B1 0 0/26
Laguna Niguel2-B1 0 0/26
Laguna Niguel3-B1 0 0/26
Mission Viejo Tennis-B1 0 0/26
Nellie Gail-B1 0 0/26
Newport Beach-B1 0 0/26
Palisades-B1 0 0/26
Racquet Club of Irvine-B1 0 0/26
SeaCliff Country Club-B1 0 0/26
Seal Beach-B1 0 0/26
Tustin Hills-B1 0 0/26
Yorba Linda-B1 0 0/26
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Sep 10 - Sep 16, 2019

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